Forget about boring loyalty programs — Neospin gives you the real deal!

Everything is a gamble in our casino, and the loyalty rewards are no exception. Reaching any new status is an opportunity to test your luck with loot boxes or a wheel of fortune. For example, you can win up to €7,000 for getting the Lion status.

The prizes are guaranteed — you’ll definitely walk away with a bonus!

0 - 99 CP
100+ CP
Up to 100 free spins
500+ CP
Up to 100 free spins
700+ CP
Up to 100 free spins
900+ CP
Cash loot box up to €100
1000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €200
3000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €300
5000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €400
10000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €600
15000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €800
20000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €1,000
30000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €1,500
40000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €2,000
Black Panther
60000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €3,000
80000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €4,000
100000+ CP
Cash loot box up to €7,000

Neospin Loyalty Program

What is a loyalty program in online casinos? 🥇

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a loyalty program is a system for rewarding loyal players who regularly play in a certain casino. Nearly all casinos share a similar design for such programs.

First of all, all loyalty programs have statuses. Upon registering in a casino, you’re assigned the lowest level, and then you steadily progress from one status to another.

Secondly, there loyalty points in all programs — they are essential for making your progress in the system. Usually, these points are given for staking real money in casino games.

The third feature is rewards, of course. Without them, there would be no point in being loyal to a single casino. The prizes could be very different because casinos try to make something memorable and valuable for their players

However, it’s also true that many gambling sites do a bare minimum just to tick the box with their loyalty programs. However, we do it differently in Neospin — ourf loyalty system offers you something really exciting and rewarding!

Do I need to sign up for the Neospin loyalty program? 📝

No extra hassle is needed! You’re enrolled in the program as soon as you register in Neospin, and progressing from level to level is done automatically. Your job is just to enjoy the prizes for your loyalty!

All casino loyalty programs are identically boring. Is Neospin’s program any different? ❓

We totally get where such a mindset comes from. As we already mentioned, many casinos do not bother themselves with creating a memorable experience for their loyal players.

Sadly as it is, such casinos only aim at getting a fast income boost by luring players with massive welcome bonuses. They do not plan to develop long-term relationships with their players. Their services are not that qualitative to keep players engaged for a long time, so why bother with a versatile loyalty program?

On the contrary, the Neospin team strives to create the best conditions for our clients. We believe that a truly rewarding loyalty program is one of the main things that make people stay. That’s why we decided to introduce loot boxes as prizes for reaching new statuses in the loyalty program!

How do Neospin loot boxes work? 🎁

What are loot boxes? It is a game of chance that originated from such videogames as Counter Strike. Loot boxes are much like lottery: you buy a “ticket” for a chance to get some rewards. The prizes are usually of roughly the same value, but, of course, better rewards are more rare.

So, for reaching each new level in the Neospin loyalty program, you get a chance to try your luck and hit the best loot box. The lowest possible reward is already substantial for each level, and the highest reward is really mind-blowing.

For example, for reaching the last level, you will get up to €7,000 as a reward. And what’s the best part? The chances for getting these prizes are equal!

What happens when I reach the highest status in the loyalty program? 💎

The fun doesn’t end there, that’s for sure! By the time you’ll reach the highest level of our loyalty program, you will definitely be on our list of VIP clients, and such clients are treated exceptionally well. Despite there will be no other statuses to reach, there will be a lot of other things. Exclusive bonuses, tournaments just for VIPs, early access to new games, and 24/7 assistance from a personal manager are all just the tip of the iceberg!

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